No Lye Relaxer


Elan Gentle Care No-Lye Relaxer delivers soft, silky straight hair, enhanced moisture, deep conditioning, and protection from potential damage, providing a comprehensive solution for a healthy and beautiful result. With tender care and deep moisturizing properties, this relaxer ensures your hair remains hydrated, preventing dryness and brittleness. Enjoy a gentle yet permanent straightening experience without pain or irritation, as each strand is enveloped in a protective shield crafted from carefully hand-picked ingredients. Choose Elan Gentle Care No-Lye Relaxer to experience the true essence of gentle, nurturing care that consistently brings out the best in your hair.

Key Ingredients

Shea Butter and Olive Oil

How to Use

 Part 1
Cut out and keep aside the Elan Neutralizing Shampoo which is to be used after the hair relaxing process.

Then, cut open both the Relaxer cream Base (1A) and the Activator Cream (1B).

Squeeze the contents of both into a bowl.

Mix them together until they form a smooth and homogeneous mixture.

Part hair into four sections.

Start application section by section from the nape area to the forehead and lastly to the hairline.

Comb and smooth hair for enhanced relaxing and best result. Then allow to process.

Part 2

Use the Elan Neutralizing Shampoo after relaxing your hair to wash off and instantly neutralize the residual chemicals and return your hair to its normal pH. By following the steps below, you will effectively use the neutralizing shampoo to protect your hair’s health and maintain its beautiful look.

Thoroughly rinse your hair with lukewarm water, ensuring that all traces of relaxer are washed away. Gently squeeze out excess water from your hair.

Apply Elan Neutralizing Shampoo onto your hair.
Massage into a rich lather. Distribute evenly throughout the hair. Leave for 5 mins to condition.

Rinse and Repeat
Then rinse your hair thoroughly with water.
Repeat twice or until the color of lather formed changes from pink to white, an indication that all traces of the relaxer crème have been washed off your hair and scalp.


No-lye Relaxer Creme Base With Shea Butter & Olive Oil Sachet (Step 1A) – 65g
Activator Creme With Deep Conditioning Effect Sachet (Step 1B) – 65g
Elan Neutralizing Shampoo With Color Indicator & Conditioning Protein Sachet (Step 2) – 50g