Dish Washing Liquid 


This powerful dishwashing solution deeply, gently, and easily removes even the toughest stains, oil, grease, and more from your dishes in just an instant. It eliminates foul smells with its refreshing scent, leaving your dishes squeaky clean and shiny.

The formula boasts a thick, concentrated, and effective composition, producing a rich foam that efficiently tackles grime. After use, it leaves no residue behind, ensuring a pristine finish.

Economical and long-lasting, just a small amount goes a long way. A single spoonful of this potent solution can wash a sink-full of dirty dishes. It proves to be tough on stains, yet safe, mild, and gentle on hands and skin. Experience the perfect balance of cleaning power and skin-friendly care with every use.

How to Use

Dilute to a desired amount or use concentrated. Squeeze out a small amount onto a sponge or directly onto your dishes. Wash and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Key Ingredients


Variants: Original & Lemon Fresh


1 ltr