The Famous LOC Method – Part 1

by | Feb 22, 2024 | Afrobest | 0 comments

The LOC methods is a tested and true routine recommended by naturalistas as the exact order products should be applied for bouncy and defined curls or coils.

L – Liquid/Leave-In Conditioner

To get more specific, the term “liquid” in the LOC method generally refers to water or a conditioning hair spray that uses water as a base. Leave-in conditioners are typically also water-based and can range in texture feeling watery, milky, creamy, foamy, whipped, or like a lightweight custard or pudding.

O – Oil

The beauty of an oil is that it can create a layer around the hair shaft that prevents water from escaping, which in turn helps hair to stay moisturized for longer periods.

C- Creams

Creams do a similar job, but as the last step in the LOC method, they are meant to be the heaviest out of the bunch. Whether your hair prefers a thick moisturizer that is like a smoothie or butter, this final step ensures hair has retained as much hydration as it can on the hair shaft.